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On Page Search Engine Optimized web sites, Content Management Systems for Education, and CDs and DVDs for marketing can save you from feeling crazed, hassled and stressed. What do you need?

stress-free website developement solutions

A Web site with panache to showcase your business? An educational interactive DVD that makes information stick? A stunning CD to excite your audience?

From initial planning to writing to programming, we’re experienced in creating a range of interactive multimedia that effectively and painlessly achieves marketing and educational goals.

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OK... The Basics

Let’s talk experience, capabilities and price. We’ve got tons of experience because we’ve been doing this since 1989. And if your project can benefit from a multimedia innovation that was invented last week, we’ll tap that resource too.

When it comes to your budget, you’ll find our prices are some of the most reasonable in the industry. Try us. You’ll see our estimates will rival your favorite freelancer. Plus, we’re flexible. Call us to discuss your interactive multimedia project.

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Beyond the Basics: Headache Prevention

We like to think we offer clients a unique advantage beyond price and capabilities. Let’s call it “sensibilities”—meaning unique insights into your project. We’re talking ease of use. We’re talking big picture. We’re talking sensitivity to the unique needs of your audience, changing media and evolving technology and on and on…

Whether you’re focused on reaching the over-40 crowd who needs 16-point type or those with computers from the stone age, we’ll address strategic issues you may not have yet considered—and save you headaches down the road.

Let’s talk. Tell us about your web worries or multimedia headache and we’ll be happy to offer a remedy. For info on how we can help you, call 773-866-2438 or email - you'll be glad you did.

What we do...
  • Web site development
  • On Page SEO
  • Promotional CDs and DVDs
  • Flash animations
  • Educational programming
  • Presentations
  • CD duplication
  • Training programs
  • Kiosks
  • Simulations
  • Training and Consulting
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