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Meet the masterminds who tackle all types of communication challenges and technical glitches—
and make them go away.

scott wheeler, president/computer guru

scottScott’s mastery of technology was discovered in 1987 by Macromedia who hired him to direct their training department and introduce business people to animation software across the U.S. Under Scott’s tutelage, creative people, who appreciated the ability to produce dancing babies and exploding superheroes, learned to program for themselves. In 1989, Scott’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of multimedia inspired him to establish Wheeler Multimedia Consulting. With over 20 years of experience in computers, Scott knows the ins and outs of operating system and database management. He’s worked as a consultant, computer sales rep and trainer for a major retailer. He’s helped clients select and configure their hardware and software. Scott also introduced businesses to computing on both DOS and Macintosh operating systems and won recognition in a FileVision competition.

emily calvo, creative director/zen influence

emilyEmily is an award-winning creative director with 15 years experience creating strategic advertising campaigns, direct mail, Web sites, broadcast and collateral. She’s worked on projects for Target Stores, Office Depot, Diners Club, Abbott and many healthcare organizations. Previously, she was an Associate Creative Director at Frankel and a copywriter with Storandt Pann Margolis & Partners. Emily also was a senior copywriter at Bell + Howell, a document management technology company, where she cranked out everything from software documentation manuals to collateral to advertising. She co-authored How to Succeed in Advertising When All You Have Is Talent and is also a published poet.