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Optimize usability. Implement On Page Search Engine Optimization. Manage updates. If just thinking about your project fries your brain, don’t think about it. Call us.

We’ve developed everything from kiosks, games, Web sites, complete with shopping carts, as well as complicated educational CDs and DVDs. We've done the on page search engine optimization for web sites and put together pay-per-click campaigns. In every case, we leverage technology to enhance the user’s experience, effectively communicate your message, and smooth the process.

Call us right from the start or even after you get bogged down midstream. Our turnkey approach can make it happen—painlessly. Here’s what we do.

We Plan

We begin by asking a lot of questions. We learn your goals. We learn about your audience. We’ll delight you with options you haven’t even considered—and help you make the best choices. Then we create a plan and estimate based on your vision, budget and timeline.

We Gather Content

Beautiful video, cool images, creative design and inspired content all make your project more engaging. We can work with your materials or tap our long-standing relationships with talented artists, photographers, videographers and writers—without busting the budget.

We Enhance Accessibility

Keeping up with the standards and changes in formats ensure we create web sites, interactive learning projects, and Flash pieces that dazzle and perform. You can expect our interactive projects to adhere to technical standards that maximize access today—and tomorrow.

We Develop and Test for Usability

Whether users will experience your project online or use their grandmother’s PC running Windows 98, make sure your project is compatible with the likely scenarios. Then, we’ll test each link, button and command to ensure each user gets the screen they expect. In addition, we’re exceptional at identifying problems before they become problems. These can be as simple as inconsistencies or as complex as confusing features of your architecture. Idiot-proof is our specialty!

We Help You Manage Content

We’re all about empowerment—and CMS tools make it easy for you to edit your own Web site, which saves you money. We can create a content management system that gives you day-to-day control.

We Provide On Page Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Management for your Web Site

What's the good of having a site that no one can find? We work to increase your online visibility by first evaluating your site: analyzing your keywords, page content, and structure. Then we'll optimize your site to maximize qualified traffic and increase your sites rank in results pages.

We Host and Maintain Web Sites

It doesn’t matter how great your site is if it’s down, which is why we make sure you have reliable hosting. Whether you already have a hosting company or need a more reliable source, you can count on us to make sound recommendations.

We Duplicate, Duplicate, Duplicate

3 or 3000 copies? We can quickly and accurately duplicate your CDs or DVDs. We’ll check your master out first to make sure it’s flawless. If we see anything weird, we’ll give you a call—which helps avoid embarrassment later. We can even design a cool label and print it on the CD or DVD, so you don’t have to worry about sticky labels gooping up internal CD drives. And besides, you want to look professional.

We Train

Increase your efficiency and save time with a little training. It’s an investment that can pay off in no time. We can guide your designated webmaster through Web site updates—or instruct a small group. What issues would you like to address? We tailor our instruction to your interests.

Call 773-866-2438 to contact Ted Canji, Production Manager, for details. Let us show you how our services can meet your production needs.